Parks & Games’ Areas

Great creations whether realistic or fantasy, locations and characters that evoke atmospheres of great emotion and that lead you into extraordinary worlds, making you feel protagonists of exceptional moments. Ours is the art of giving life to a piece of polystyrene and transforming it into something unique, designed by you and created by our expert sculptors. This is amusement, this is scenography, this is what we are capable of doing.

Amusement and
Educational Events

Educating having fun has always been the goal of our realistic organising and is part of the educational process, even as builders, creators and planners. We enjoy the fact that children learn and enjoy themselves thanks to our facilities and that this will guarantee their entire experience, in complete safety, in compliance with all the safety standards that this field rightly requires.

“L’unica salvezza deve esser cercata nella fantasia.” Paul Scheerbart

Amusement Projects

A selection of some projects that, due to their nature or complexity, have become a small challenge to be performed in the name of emotion and fun.