Who we are

The company began with the desire to create a point of reference in Italy for the realisation of scenography, yet dedicated to the world of business.

Over the years we have perfected this desire and we have grown to become the ideal point of reference for anyone who wants to involve their customers, through their experiences and create emotions.

Thanks to dynamism, constant research, careful control of quality, design skills, knowledge of the market and above all thanks to ideas, we are able to create new and effective solutions and offer a complete service of the highest level of quality in every occasion.

We are the perfect union of a solid project group and a team of multifaceted artists who concretise every request through creativity and expertise.

We do not limit ourselves to the realisation of the structures but we manage to create every kind of scenery using a large network of partners that deal with every aspect: from special effects to lighting, from printing to animation, in oredr to give life to that fantastic world that exists only in dreams.

What we do

The range of our offers is as vast as it is articulated. We are able to design, build and assemble diverse modern playgrounds, animated villages, light shows, Christmas decorations and outfitting for sales points, background sets, signs, promotional installations, up to the complete organisation of spectacular events, or educational games with complete on-site management.

Our staff is made up of true masters of sculpture and formidable designers who are able to transform every creative twist into projects that are articulated and studied ad hoc for each individual client.

The entire production chain is situated in an area of 4,200 square meters, with large, well-equipped rooms ideal for teamwork.

A 500 square meter showroom, with a permanent exhibition and continuously updated sets, decorations, animated puppets and light shows. All of this welcomes customers to our office to allow them to participate in our work and show them what we are capable of doing.

We like to engage our customers in every aspect of the design and the implementation phase. Listening to their requests and interpreting their dreams, so as to help them create the emotions that they would like to transmit and satisfy each of their requirements.

Quality and certifications

Quality is our goal in every step of our work. Today we are the only Italian company in the sector to adopt a Quality Management System certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.

This guarantees reliability, efficiency, constantly controlled processes, orientation to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

At every stage, our work is carried out in compliance with the highest safety standards and in an atmosphere designed to promote creativity and quality of our work.

Our creations guarantee maximum safety.They are non-toxic, fire-retardant or self-extinguishing certified.

In addition, we have the most modern technologies and tools necessary for a cutting-edge company: vehicles, aerial platforms, machinery, electronic and IT equipment, all legally safe and respectful to the environment.


We constantly collaborate with other partners and professionals with a high quality profile who support us with their experience to ensure a complete realisation and execution of each project to give the customer a refined detailed product in every particular way.


A new reality dedicated to the customer experience.

Over is the new reality of the Garavaglia group that was born with the aim of widening the services offered until now with a look that goes beyond decoration and staging.
With a strategic approach, Over analyses the client’s needs, its positioning, its target and develops visual communication projects and customised installations with a strong artistic imprint and a particular care for design. At the base of the realisations there is always a creative concept and as common denominator a new vision of the Customer Experience.
Thanks to continuous research and synergic work with selected partners, Over’s vision moves towards the future, proposing sustainable materials, techniques and solutions.