Edutainment Hub

The Edutainment HUB was created with the aim of producing innovative entertainment formats of the highest level, combining the experience and creativity of its partners to create new engaging concepts dedicated to the increasingly sophisticated public that frequents large shopping centres, outlets and parks.

The HUB will pick up on the most popular themes in the fields of art, archaeology, history, science, the environment and society, identifying the most qualified partners for each area to transform these themes into “experience” events/exhibitions which, using the most innovative educational communication techniques, will be able to capture the public with highly emotional “storytelling”.

In the exhibition formats, visitors will be taken on a veritable “journey through time”, learning about the latest discoveries in the various fields of knowledge through emotion. They will be able to watch a real fight between Gladiators in the Coliseum 2,000 years ago, be at the side of the young Marco Polo on his adventurous journey to China or discover how an archaeologist descending into the darkness of a pyramid finds himself before the mystery of a mummy.


We have developed digital pathways and immersive realities that can also be experienced remotely, in the comfort of your own home or classroom with classmates and teachers.

Following the coronavirus epidemic that has forced us into our homes, this development path has undergone a considerable acceleration to ensure a play/educational service that can entertain and maintain a relationship with users, even during this difficult phase of change and transition.

“Culture is the only good of mankind which, divided among all, rather than diminishing becomes greater.”
– Hans Georg Gadamer

Here are some of our event proposals.