The art of creating emotions.

For over forty years Garavaglia has been working in the sector of scenographic set-ups for large-scale retail trade, exhibitions and sales points, amusement parks and entertainment areas, creating colourful and imaginative worlds to touch our emotions and amaze us.

Our mission directly consists of building around the consumers entire sensory experiences by attracting, engaging and entertaining.

Beginning with the needs of our customers, we design, create and set up the perfect scenography to recreate atmospheres, revive memories and transmit sensations, managing to reconcile market needs with the realisation of small, ‘big dreams’.

The main areas in which we operate are:

AMUSEMENT: amusement parks, entertainment areas, recreational or educational events

EXHIBITION: exhibition stands, pavilions, scenography

VISUAL MKT: window dressing and set-up for sales points

DECO SHOW: outfitting and customisation of shopping centres

Selected Case Studies

A selection of some projects that, due to their nature or complexity, have become a small challenge to be performed in the name of emotion and fun.