Project Description

Christmas Decorating
The Outlet Village

Deco Show

Luogo: Franciacorta
Cliente: Franciacorta Outlet Village
Natale 2017

The colour white is the protagonist when it comes to different decorations: glittered baubles, shiny ones, and the frosted effect too… of various shapes and sizes that decorate garlands to be placed around the shops and a large 10-meter high tree in the central square.

A large decorative pattern of ice stalactites and frosted leaves. In addition, two impressive and imposing luminous warm lighted reindeer measuring 5 meters high, have been installed in the central square, together with dancing lights of illuminating contrasts in the entire centre all in a Christmassy white-lighting.

This is a perfect selfie area to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere.

Deco Show Case Studies