Project Description

Ikea Tiare


Place: Gorizia, Tiare Shopping
Client: IKEA

A large space divided into several areas, represents the history of mankind and the first civilisations which developed in different parts of the world. From the Phoenicians to the Indians of America, from the African populations, to the ancient Chinese people. A series of creative scenery and atmospheres full of games and emotions to be lived in complete safety.

The valued experience is both educational and playful. The various installed areas guarantee great fun for all children who can try their hand at the games and creative interactions. The atmosphere and scenery is of great effect in every detail and is designed to recreate lifelike environments and landscapes of different eras without losing the touch of suggestive fantasy.

In the play area there is a maze with scenery related to the African environment with large animal sculptures, entertaining playgrounds set in a pagoda and others in a Phoenician ship and many other games to be played in the surroundings of colourful Indian tepees, totems, canoes and buffalo.

Each installation is designed to meet the needs of children between the ages of 3 and 11 years.


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