Project Description

Game of Thrones
In Milano


Place: Piazza Castello, Milano
Client: Game of Thrones realised for Kaos Lab

During the weekend dated 15th-18th July, Sforzesco Castle hosted an event related to the Game of Thrones 7 and welcomed participants from the Marathon who were dedicated to the famous series, with fascinating set ups and animations.

Dragons, monsters and weird creatures populated the gardens of the Castle creating a magical atmosphere.

The set design was entirely created by our sculptors who interpreted the characters, creatures and symbols from this world renowned fantasy saga in the most realistic way.

A reproduction of the legendary Game of Thrones has become a ‘selfie area’ and among the most photographed is the scariest dragon, created with great care in every specific detail. The scenery’s set-up becomes even more spectacular with the Castle’s fountain covered with pretend ice made with particular crafted techniques to bring the atmosphere of a vibrant and warm Milan and transforming it into the cold lands of the Game of Thrones.

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