Project Description

Mall for Sea
Discovering the marine ecosystem


Place: Genova
Client: Acquario di Genova

‘Mall for Sea’ is a great and revolutionary event in collaboration with the Genovese Aquarium, which combines education, emotion and fun. The marine’s resources, besides being of vital importance for the entire Planet’s ecosystem, represents a precious and vital patrimony for our nutrition. The sustainable use of these resources thus becomes the protagonist of this project, created for the adults but above all for the young.

The main gallery of the Shopping mall is full of spectacular themed scenery, built into video panels showing the varied and mysterious marine world. A large area full of attractions welcomes children who are assisted by bloggers and experts of the environment, they can play at enhancing their knowledge about the sea and its vital importance. During the event there will also be lectures of in-depth studies.

Each area of the event is designed to fascinate and entertain the public. The galleries are characterised by large sculptures of sea turtles, sharks and colourful fish. Hiding within the submarine is a 3D cinema and interactive monitors. The information and demonstration areas that are in collaboration with specific institutions such as the marine coastguard, create an educational pathway, that is also interesting for adults. A photographic corner allows you to take a picture whilst “immersed in the depths of the sea” and entertaining animations creating a colourful atmosphere.

The educational power of this event has also become interesting for schools that have organised educational trips with their students. Complimentary kits for schoolchildren have been prepared and a prize competition dedicated to the sea has been created.


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