Project Description

Space Station Playground


Cliente: Centro Commerciale Porte Franche

The Le Porte Franche shopping centre in Brescia has inaugurated a new play area designed and built by us.

This is a large sized Play-Ground structure (up to 10 meters high) with suggestive sceneries created by our master sculptors. A Super Rocket, a Giant Helicopter, a panoramic Control Tower … and there is THE SPACE STATION where children’s fantasies come to life whilst playing!

The space station is unique of its kind because not only does it focus on enjoyment and easy accessibility, but also on safety and respect for the environment. The structure was made of high-density sintered polystyrene, self-extinguishing, coated with shock-resistant material and painted with non-toxic acrylic paint.

The sintered polystyrene, unlike other similar products, is expanded with pentane gas, the only gas that does not damage the ozone layer.

Everyone can access this area. And it’s completely free of charge. These areas  and the available games have also been studied to welcome and entertain disabled children.

Each component of the structure has been designed to separate the games according to the needs of different age groups.

SPACE SHIP: A Play-Ground in the shape of a Space Rocket. Inside the structure it is possible to climb, play with the Punch-balls and a Giant Ball, travel along the suggestive Tunnel Tube and enjoy the view through the illuminated round windows.

CONTROL TOWER: A Play-Ground with a Control Tower, accessed via a climbing frame up to the height of 6 meters, from where you start an exciting descent along the 6-meter helicopter slide. In the central part there is a slide measuring 3 meters suitable for smaller children. The structure is connected to the others by two hanging suspended bridges.

HELICOPTER: A Play Ground in the shape of a large helicopter that includes climbing frames, punch-balls, balancing games and a transparent spiral slide that starts from the height of 6 meters and reaches 7 meters.

Play Panel: A fun Touch Screen and two wooden games placed within the scenic structure.

Toddler Area 0/3 years: a the soft area intended for the younger. The children can play with the ‘morbidosi’ (toys and animals made with soft material for children) that guarantee total safety for the parents peace of mind.


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