Project Description

A Christmas of great atmospheres
for “Esserbella”

Visual MKT

Client: Esserbella

In the occasion of Christmas, ‘Esserbella’ wanted to enchant its customers with a spectacular showcase of decorations beyond all expectations.

A succession of small white houses drawn by an important illustrator, created a suggestive frame with display cases which were illuminated from behind where the perfumery products become the real protagonists of the exhibition.

Your eye became attracted by the particular scenery and taken away by the lighting effects which seemed to move from the centre to then open up to a view of the world.

This creation was completed as a gift to the cities that host ‘Esserbella’ stores. Large panels with an artistic trait become the backdrop to represent the most important squares or monuments of the vibrant city.

The display cases are handcrafted with plexiglass and high-tech materials. On the bottom you can customise the back panels to highlight the brand communication in the window. The window stickers are made of removable vinyl, printed in four colours and cut according to size and design of the different windows.


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